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Anything but RAID 1

Acomdata is a little know player in the world of external drives. Needing a good RAID 1 external option for long term backup, I ...

2011-07-15 12:16:14

Server Part V

It lives! A year ago I set out to create a home file server and was more or less successful, with a few hiccups. The sp...

2009-01-21 12:07:15

Server Part IV

8GB of ram is definitely better than 2GB. Better for what, I don't know. It did sort out my problem with the memory leak. It was...

2008-04-03 12:00:01

Closet Server, Part II

Im going to start with a screen cap from a recent instant message between me and one of my coworkers. The names are pseudonyms o...

2008-01-24 12:00:01

Closet Server, Part I

Over the holidays I decided to add onto my server. The current one had about 500GB of protected storage. Due to my large collect...

2008-01-07 12:00:01